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a sci - fi character standing in the middle of a city
нейромазня :: нейронные сети / смешные картинки и другие приколы: комиксы, гиф анимация, видео, лучший интеллектуальный юмор.
Very atmospheric diorama by @schievebrush #miniatures_warzone #warhammer #vigilus #space_marines 40k Models, Warhammer 40k Figures, Warhammer Figures, 40k Artwork, Miniature Gaming, 40k Miniatures, Space Wolves
Very atmospheric diorama by @schievebrush #miniatures_warzone #warhammer #vigilus #space_marines
Inspiration, Ideas, Emperor, Model, Fantasy Miniatures, Hobgoblin, Dnd Minis
My Black Templar Eliminator
Design, Warhammer 30k, Sci Fi Fantasy, War Machine, Power Armor
Warhammer 40000 (wh40k, warhammer 40k, ваха, сорокотысячник) :: сообщество фанатов / картинки, гифки, прикольные комиксы, интересные статьи по теме.
a warhammer painted with white and green paint on it's body, sitting on a black surface
Gladiator Reaper Konrad of the Black Templars Lacrimosa Crusade is officially done 😍
an image of a knight standing in front of other knights with flags and shieldes
Sigismund Black Templars
Geek, Croquis, Rwby, Minatures, D&d Miniatures
the warhammers are all painted and ready to be used in their next battle
Warriors, Warhammer 40k Space Wolves, Fantasy Warrior
a small toy motorcycle with a skeleton on it
the warhammers are riding on their vehicles