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someone is making a scrapbook with pictures and papers on top of the book cover
30 DIY Heart Touching Scrapbook Ideas - Bored Art
30 DIY Heart Touching Scrapbook Ideas - Bored Art
herinneringdoosje maken voor te bewaren van belangrijke spulletjes Art, Grief Activities, Grief Support, Grief Counseling, Making Memories, Grief, Grief Therapy, Art Therapy Activities, Grief Loss
Grief Counseling for Teens
herinneringdoosje maken voor te bewaren van belangrijke spulletjes
a glass jar filled with pictures sitting on top of a table
herinneringen in een glazen pot. Foto geplaatst door Susanneha op
Jouw (vakantie)herinneringen in een glazen pot
the day you were born box is packed with photos and other personalized items,
Mooie herinneringendoos!
a baby's birth shadow box with pictures and items
leuk idee met de breng je baby naar huis kleertjes kit
a baby's birth gift is displayed in a shadow box with pictures and other items
10+ Genius Baby Hacks You Need To Know! - The Realistic Mama
There’s no denying that life with babies (and toddlers) can be a little chaotic, when your newborn arrives it’s the little tips and tricks that aren’t in manuals that will save your sanity. Some people might call them ‘baby hacks’…I just call them lifesavers. Here are 10+ more GENIUS baby hacks that will help to make life a little easier! If you...Read More »
a blue and white checkered table with a sheep on it
Happykiddoos,originele kraamcadeau's
Houten geboorte tafeltje beschilderd met naam / geboortekaartje
a white box with multicolored chevrons on it and a label in the lid
Geboortebox met naam - Vosje
Stoere vintage bewaardoos voor jongen
the trunk is decorated with colorful flowers and birds on it's sides, along with a heart - shaped tree
Happykiddoos,originele kraamcadeau's
Een geweldige geboortekist aan de hand van het geboortekaartje van Olivia!
a wooden sign with hand and foot prints painted on it's sides, next to a potted plant
DIY Love Hand & Foot Print Sign
Show someone just how appreciated they are with this DIY Love Hand & Foot Print Sign. Made from an old pallet, this project is easy and inexpensive!
a baby's photo in a shadow box frame
4 Easy Baby Shadow Box Ideas for Keepsakes
9 Easy Shadow Box Ideas for Baby - DOMESTIC HEIGHTS
a white box with pink and red designs on the lid that reads 1 december 2011
Domeinnaam geregistreerd
Geboortedoos Lauren | Geboortedoos (handbeschilderd) | KidsDecoEnZo
a small white box with some pictures on it and a tag hanging from the top
Grote geboortedoos Lisa
Grote geboortedoos Lisa
a pink and white box with the word jara on it's lid is shown
Happykiddoos,originele kraamcadeau's