Clothespin Message

I love you clothes pins: Write a message with a FINE POINT sharpie so it doesn't smear. Write "I love you" on a paper. Cut it out, and hot glue it to the clothes pin end. Would be cute for a care package!

Recycled Pegs

DIY Clothespin Jewelry DIY Clothespin Jewelry - This is great for upcycling the metal clips of broken clothespins! Such wonderful project!

Quick and easy Thanksgiving craft for kids: TP tube turkeys. #blogherholidays #thanksgiving #craft #turkey #tptube

TURKEYS Of Toilet Rolls Reuse toilet paper tubes. Quick and easy Thanksgiving craft for kids: toilet paper tube turkeys.

painted baking parchment paper with glass jars - kid's artwork lanterns!

Use sharpies to emphasize shape and perhaps tie in with a lesson on stain glass and Tiffany. color/paint baking parchment paper with glass jars - kid's artwork lanterns. Perfect gift for parents

Mini catapult... this could be something really fun to make for a lesson that is a collaboration with a history class. Students could make this one, then take what they learned to design a different one! This definitely promotes students' skills in analyzing, problem-solving, and collaboration with each other!

How to: Build a Mini Catapult from Office Supplies

How to: Build a Mini Catapult from Office Supplies, this is dangerous. For a bored person in the office, this is a good way to get fired, lol


DIY Gift BOXes -- Cut colored paper according to the shape put together into a spiral ball. Put your gift inside the ball. DIY Gift Boxes _____________________________ Reposted by Dr.

DIY Jellyfish Made from plastic bags! #Jellyfish #Crafts

Found art sculpture - DIY Jellyfish by casahaus: Made from plastic bags! Tried it out with vegetable bags, and it looks great. Need to find some nice heavy clear bags to make one that can hang up in their room.

Egg Carton Mini Helicopters by happinesscrafty - helikopters van eierdoosjes

Egg Carton Mini Helicopter Craft ~ for Santa and Elves to make with kids. Save your egg cartons.

Lace Sailboats

DIY Sailboat Favors

These would make cute escort cards or table numbers for a nautical wedding. DIY Vintage Nautical Sailboat Favors for Weddings and Bridal Showers

Clothespin Spring Star Ornament

Recycled Christmas Crafts: Thrilled to find something to do with the clothespin springs! I've made about a dozen clothespin snowflakes and had all these little springs left just couldn't throw them away. Love the simplicity of this.

Zo lief en simpel om zelf te maken!                                                                                                                                                      More

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krokodillen van wasknijpers en wiebeloogjes

clothes pin crocodiles Could be used for the party people are trying to put on croc pins on each other without the other knowing.