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Rustic wall picture display - you can get the line and clips at Ikea in a whole set. Love the wood behind. Could use for kids art work too

Bilderparade CDXXXVIII https://www.langweiledich.net/bilderparade-cdxxxviii/

hidden lights in the banister lights up the staircase so the owners don't need any lights while walking up or down

Opbergruimte onder trap. Goed idee.

WE WANT OUR STAIRS TO BE STORAGE! Otherwise a sliding ladder is sufficient and takes up much less space. Closet Storage in Staircase to Loft! What a great use of space for apartment or a Tiny house!

Would be great extra storage in a finished basement

Under stair storage - create a craft room right in that little space next to the stairs! All the storage you'll need will be right there, so the floor space if free for your work!

Het is een combinatie die al eventjes bestaat, maar toch wilden wij 'm met jullie delen; de combi...

Mix and match: wit hout en koper

raamfolie, glasfolie , limburg, etsfolie , plakfolie, b-tune

raamfolie, glasfolie , limburg, etsfolie , plakfolie, b-tune

My Attic: My new Bedroom Wall

Simple moodboard fo your wall. Paint MDF panels black & glue your fave prints on them