De Enschedese School

uit de archieven van Johan Visser en Hans Mellendijk
19 Pins
four black and white drawings of men in hats, with one wearing a skull mask
'sMelssleMs' | Hans Mellendijk
'sMelssleMs' | Hans Mellendijk
black and white photograph of man standing in room full of stacks of boxes with labels on them
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen
Copy Construct - Cultuurcentrum Mechelen
two people with their faces painted like clowns
Idiot Records | Fay Lovsky and Willem Wisselink for Suske and Wiske, The Movie, directed by Kees Maas. — met Fay Lovsky.
a man sitting in a chair next to a potted plant
Paul Tornado as an angry young Beatle for DES Magazine #9. The Portrait Issue. (1982)
a man standing in front of a sculpture with birds on it
WINGED PAINT BRUSH - Kees Maas in front of his installation of 250 mobiles in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, before sending one (with this photograph, luxuriously packaged) to the subscribers .. (1983)
Bram Vermeulen (R.I.P.) Peace, Ripped, Peace Gesture
Bram Vermeulen (R.I.P.)
two men standing next to each other in front of a blue background holding a globe
KEWI's | What and How
a woman with her arms crossed posing for the camera
Idiot Records | Fay Lovsky
three people standing next to each other in the grass
Idiot Records | Fay Lovsky Ballad Sound Studio - Johan Visser and Fay Lovsky with Van Morrison' guitarist Chris Michie during the recording of the Confetti album. (1980) — met Fay Lovsky.
three people standing on the street in front of some parked cars and tall buildings with white windows
Idiot Records | Joan Lewie, Fay Lovsky | Johan Visser
black and white photograph of four people standing around a table
Hoesbespreking Suzannes | Design presentation of the Suzannes EP sleeve. Visser let Wisselink do the talking because he hasn't used the photographs Frits Woudstra and Fedde Spoel provided him. Instead made the cover into a typographical headline that will change each time an edition is sold out. (1978) — met Fedde van der Spoel.
an advertisement for the exhibition of art and sculpture
De Enschedese School | Amsterdam setting The School in the new Amsterdam set-up: Kees Maas, Willem Wisselink, Hans Meiboom, Johan Visser and Jan Dietvorst. (1981)
a man standing in front of a giant chair with his arms crossed and holding a camera
Willem Wisselink | Toren van Pisa | Oliebollenblikken. Approximately 500 tin cans labeled (The Four Oil Balls) and ready for delivery ..
KEWI-shirt | ME 1984 Tops, Shirts, Fashion, Shirt, T Shirt, Women
KEWI-shirt | ME 1984
a group of people posing for a photo