Efie goes Zentangle

When I first saw this picture,that beautiful eye is Eye contacting with me^.^ that eye is looks Real and bright .the lines around this eye are very close ,looks more dark .the Eyelid half dark, half bright to keep that eye looks .

Design: Rudolph deHarak

Rudolph de Harak was a legendary American graphic designer who is well-known for his book cover designs for McGraw-Hill during the and A modernist at heart, de Harak also designed record covers for Columbia and Westminster, as well as these lovely clocks.

Consistente stijl-> kleurrijk, vlak

This book is the result of a very personal project aiming to introduce a little girl to the 44 letters of the Hungarian alphabet. By Anna Kövecses.

oh, my - simple palette and design

I have a thing for book series that match. When I find a matching series, these books are always given the prominent position on my bookshelf. So I do love these simple yet clever book dover designs.

Cover by Dick Bruna

One last Dick Bruna cover for another Jean Bruce thriller "Op Hete Kolen in Polen" - Love the way he places the publisher's logo on a paperback in the man's trench coat.