Marieke Van de poll

Marieke Van de poll

Marieke Van de poll
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Cupcakes AND traditional cake.  Best of both worlds...  LOVE!!! I would just want a small cake on top for the two of us though. Love the color of frosting!

LOVE the cake top! Like the mix of cake and cupcakes. Cupcakes + cake on top = Inexpensive wedding cake! Get the best of both worlds. Have a wedding cake to cut for photos and reduce your costs by having cupcakes for guests!


Parker Williams (Chase's cousin, engaged to Emily-Rose Watkins, owner of The Mermaid Inn) (AKA Parker Hurley)

I love Star Gazer Lilies

This would match the cross and stargazer lilies I have on my shoulder! This would be for my grandma, This is her favorite flower