Gek op dieren Met de leukste filmpjes en de mooiste foto's.
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The Lick of Love

Whether animals truly have romantic feelings for each other is uncertain, but one look at these wonderful couples from the animal kingdom and the way they look at each other will […]

Everything's going to be alright

Nothing To Do With Arbroath

Tiger taxi

Leanne the Sumatran Tiger at the San Francisco Zoo cradles her newborn cub in order to take her down to a safe area of the enclosure.

Are you sure this is my bed?

I see it could be two ways. One: the big dog is very kind and left the big bed for the pup. Two: the pup went on the big bed and left the small bed for the big dog. In that case, if I was the big dog, I would just lay on the small dog (or around it).

The tide has turned

The Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch, New Zealand has a much better idea on how to build a zoo. Instead of caging the animals, they cage the people, so they can view the animals in their natural habitat.