Go Noodle is one of the BEST things to ever enter our classroom management bag of tricks! Perfect way to get them excited or calmed down and FOCUSED for learning. Brain Breaks are a must in today's classroom. Go Noodle is exactly what we need all in one place...AND it's FREE!!! :)

GoNoodle...Brilliant Brain Breaks for the Busy Classroom

Brilliant Brain Breaks for the Busy Classroom. Our kids BEG for GoNoOdle every single day.What a brilliant addition to our busy classroom!

Good for car trips- I Spy with My Little Eye printable.

I spy game. Perfect for those days when you have 7 minutes left at the end of the period - quick, easy, fun, can be used for all levels, and easy to do in the target language.

Uptown Funk - Easy Kids Dance Fitness Warming-up Zumba Choreography.Would make a…

Uptown Funk - Easy Kids Dance Fitness Warming-up Zumba Choreography.and this is a "warm-up"? Lots of fun moves)

Have you heard of GoNoodle Brain Breaks? You MUST check it out!! Learn more at Mrs. Beattie's Classroom!

Inclined Planes and {Motivating!} Dancing Shoes

Brain Break Bucket-Sports Theme Classroom

Brain Break Bucket-Sports Theme Classroom- this also has other sports theme set up ideas!