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a pink background with a quote from the book you are beautiful from head to toe, my dear love, beautiful beyond compare absolutely
Aesthetic wallpaper | Bible verse wallpaper | Christian quote | Wallpaper Aesthetic iPhone
a pink bow with the words, with god all things are possible on white paper
Coquette Bible Verse Wallpaper
the words do what makes you happy, glories cold on a beige background
the earth with words written on it and an orange cross in the middle, against a light pink background
John 3:16
a pink heart with the words god is good on it
Cute Bibles
two hearts with the words we love because he first loved us
Free Screensaver with Bible Verse About Love for Phone, Tablet and Desktop
a pink and yellow background with the words i have heard your prayer
Christian wallpaper aesthetic
the words i will fear no evil written in green on a blue background with a smiley face
Cute Short Bible verse wallpaper
the lord is on my side i will not fear
Psalm 118 6
a white wall with the words, let all that you do be done in love