Keeping it Simple: Christmas Bowling Cans tutorial @keepingitsimple

Keeping it Simple: Christmas Bowling Cans tutorial: Learn about adding and subtracting by counting the number of cans knocked over, how many need to be re-set, etc.

Amuse van mini hamburgertjes met rucola en cheddar - leuk voor kerstfeest school

Always a success, these are the best! Mini hamburgers with cheddar cheese.

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Sweet Living Magazine 7 Crafts, DIYS, delicious recipes, green living, backyard sustainability - a free online magazine

kinder kerst diner hapjes - Google zoeken

Santa Strawberries are a Quick and Easy Christmas Treat

Santa strawberries from Leanne Bakes are a quick and easy Christmas treat. Sweet strawberries are filled with whipped cream and studded with chocolate sprinkles - what could be simpler? This is a great snack to make with your kids around the holiday

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Cucumber Christmas Tree, apple base and then cauliflower snow and parsley greens, red & yellow bell peppers

Een krans die laura zelfs kan maken...

paper strip wreath diy (using cardboard from a frozen pizza) great kid craft, great use for leftover scrapbook paper