cog || ink and laces (PiA side story)

。* ♡ *。 ★ cog title: ink and laces (paved in ashes side story) ★ mc: jade ♡ ro: pepe ♡ face claim: jeon somi • she/her • kind • understanding • spontaneous •…
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a white kitten is peeking out from behind a wall with the words me yon reno on it
40 Moments In Time That Were Hyped Back In The Day But Aged Oddly
a man laying on top of a bed next to a woman in black and white
a drawing of a person brushing their hair with the caption'my baby me '
Man, Personas
the words you are exactly where you need to be written in pink on a blue background
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some lights that are hanging in the air with butterflies on one side and stars on the other
butterfly aesthetic
a woman is doing yoga on a mat in front of two windows with no curtains
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three disco balls hanging from the ceiling with plants in them and rainbow light coming through
Maceta bola discoteca planta