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Gekko, Free pattern

Gecko Frecko pattern by Raphaela Blumenbunt

Der Gecko wird spiralförmig in Runden gehäkelt. Die geschwungene Form des Körpers ergibt sich durch verkürzt gehäkelte Reihen.

Marvel Parent Preferences

⚠️I don't own any marvel characters, marvel gets all rights⚠️ ❕For girls but if your male, just imagine it as a boy❕ ✨Your the child of your favorite marvel character✨ ‼️some offensive language‼️

Vivarium: The Ultimate Guide & "How To" Build | Bantam.Earth

Vivarium: Complete Care Guide & "How To" Build | Bantam.Earth

A step-by-step vivarium care guide. Learn about vivaria and how to build and maintain one. DIY vivariums for various plants & animals.

Axolotl Hard Enamel Pin Gold and Black Lapel Pin Cloisonné

Axolotl Hard Enamel Pin - Gold and Black - Lapel Pin Cloisonné Badge

🌟INTERNATIONAL ORDERS NOW COME WITH TRACKING! 🌟 -DESCRIPTION- A cute enamel axolotl for you to wear! This little guy measures almost 4cm long from head to tail, but fits into a 3.2x3.2cm square. This design comes with a rubber backing. Available in 4 different colours! SECONDS PINS have minor flaws, such as: - Color discrepancies - Small specks in enamel - Some small areas of enamel missing - Small scratches in the metal plating - Screen Printed areas slightly off alignment/missing…

leopard print

Types Of Pet Reptiles

Not everybody wants to own a pet reptile but some people are fascinated in these amazing creatures. There are many Types Of Pet Reptiles, one of which is the iguana, as shown below! Chosing the Best Type of Pet Reptiles iguana, reptile, animals iguana, reptile, animals Below is a list of popular breeds: Bearded Dragon There are 9 types of bearded dragon, which all come from Australia. We have detailed below a few varieties. Coastal or Eastern Bearded Dragon These are also known as the Jew…

Fire Salamander by on @deviantART

Fire Salamander by Night-Owl8 on DeviantArt

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

Zoo Med Betta Bed Leaf Hammock : Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock : Aquarium Decor Plastic Plants : Pet Supplies

reptile big enclosure - Google Search

All You Need To Know About Dessert Tortoise Care

Like other pets, desert tortoises must be taken care of, by their owners. They require an investment of time, energy and cash. This article will provide a f

HR03 Reptile Cage 72"H x 96"L x 48"D H3

Give your pet room to stretch! One of our most popular large reptile cages, our 72"H x 96"L x 48"D H3 has plenty of room for even the largest lizard or snake to feel at home. A great Lizard cage, Iguana cage, Snake cage or Boa cage, this enormous reptile enclosure can even be divided with our optional Pull out divider system, allowing you to house multiple animals within one reptile cage. Like any of our custom reptile cages, a hood for lighting or stand for storage can be added and easily…

NOVA | Evolution in Action: Salamanders

Evolution in Action: Salamanders

See how salamanders in California are evolving, just as Darwin might have predicted.

I didn't even get you anything! #axolotl

Axolotl Anatomy 101

MOUTHS: Axolotl have BIG mouths. Spyyk likes eating soft pellets, and HOOVERS them up, using the buccal pouch just like a pair of bellows - this is covered in the breathing section. Because they use suction to eat, anything close enough will end up in their mouths - so watch your fingers! :D Spyyk has tried to glomp the hematite on many occasions, but fortunately it's far too heavy for suction to pick off the floor, so he's not in any danger. Be careful with normal pebbles - they need to be…

An Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Salamander Brooch.

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An Antique Victorian Bohemian Garnet Salamander Brooch.