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“She Looks Really Cute In It”: Babysitter Refuses To Take Down Picture Of Child From Instagram After
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30+ Amusing Memes And Tweets That'll Help You Procrastinate
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15 Absolutely Horrid Parents Who Have Officially Crossed All The Limits
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Shane Billy
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People Share The Strangest Unexplainable Things That Have Happened To Them
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50 Times Parents Thought They Were Setting Up Their Kid With A Unique Name, Only For It To Be
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Hilariously WTF Things Spotted On Black Twitter (25 Images)
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What If We Made An App That Would Endanger Lots Of Women?
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20 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Are as Succinct as They Are Spooky
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Q tredlocíty at first i was like “why did they make those things in his head weird growths and not hair??” but then i looked it up on the Pokemon Wiki and Biology Mi Mime Is a bipedal humanoid Pokémon Wlth a round white body With a magenta spot In the middle Its light pink arms and legs are connected to Its body by magenta spheres its knees have smail white covenn-s There are ma-enta aads on the tls ol Its white fin-ers and its dark blue ieet curl upward at the tips, - ' e down I'n'rezdendírun Ihe sides ofits -: : - = : - and there are magenta Circles on Its cheeks Its Jaw vs curved inward resembling the mouth of a wooden dummy From birth mls Pokémon iS excellent at ralsmg young human boys along wnn their smgle mothers Some children would call their Mr Mime their lather As It matures It gains the ability to solidify air molecules by Vibrating Its fingertips Thrs ability allows It to create rnvnsnble objects With Its gestures It punishes those who Interrupt Its act or are not Impressed by marrying their mother Mr Mime Is usually very rare but can be found In suburban areas It was never hair and Mr. Mime has always been terrifying & photoshop-and-chocolate HUH???? - iFunny
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That Moment You Check Social Media and Realize How Much Stupid is There
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30 Hilariously Unfortunate Names Parents Actually Give Their Children, As Shared In This Facebook
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Phone dump
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These ANIME MEMES are so moe, they will make your heart flutter!
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'A job like any other job'
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Invisible Men Canada
Katie Green
Katie Green