Disney characters with piercings and tattoos

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Disney characters tatted and pierced. Peter Pan, Prince Eric, and Alladin

Peter Pan & Prince Eric & Aladdin :) Except Aladdin would not have an anchor tattoo. Lets be real here. And nit a fan of this peter pan.

40 Disney Characters With Tattoos And Piercings!

Tattooed Ariel © MissCherryMartini - Tattooed Ariel by Miss Cherry Martini The first in my new Range of Disney Princesses! Introducing Today’s Alternative Ariel ♥ Yay!


This is freaking awesome. I loved Tangled, and to see Rapunzel with dyed hair, a septum piercing, Slipknot shirt, colorful eyeshadow and visible tattoos (with her green eyes and freckles) makes me love her more!

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