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"Quicksilver: *is seen by Steve* Steve: I thought you were dead? Quicksilver: *shrugs* you told me to walk it off." (This was the best comment omg) -------- someone get Marvel on the fucking phone!!!!

Let's pull a Coulson, kay?<<<in the comics Wanda revives him. so come on marvel make it happen. otherwise I'm going to continue crying :'( <<< She's bringing pietro back yeah

Chicks dig me. Supernatural S11E03 DEAN HOLDING A BABY. Heart go boom

Chicks dig me. Supernatural DEAN HOLDING A BABY. ovaries go boom<<< the fact that he said "hey beautiful" ! I'm just picturing him remembering holding his baby girl and saying that to her. Excuse he while I go cry

For once he's not a Disney Princess

For once he's not a Disney Princess<<<No, this time he’s the somewhat, no really, but still, Disney prince.


Supernatural - Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Samantha Ferris, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver and Alona Tal<< admit it: your first thought is about how everyone was together. And then the FEELS take over because half of those people are dead now.


in Infographics. I love that someone actually took the time and got all this information. our fandom is insanely dedicated. <--- there has been an episode in Arizona, season 8 or 9 I think