Love this photo-so reminds me of my baby Tucker who chased butterflies for a living!

Finally...the kids off to school, a nice long shower and watching the Jerry Springer Spaniel Show.

Random Pictures Of The Day - 76 Pics

2 soulmates finally found each other! Me & Jeremy

I see a fish. A fish I kiss. I know I'll miss my friend the fish when i must go back home to Visch.

Did someone say… cookie?  LOL  Cute dachshund puppy. -

Dachshund Puppies are so cute. I have a long-haired black-tan dachshund. They're sweet, but yippy!

Dropje! #honden #dogs

Dogs look so cute and funny when they are sleeping. Look at this cute and funny dog. It says ‘don’t disturb me I’m tired.