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the words world history classroom decor are overlaid by chairs and desks
Middle School World History Classroom: Inspiration for a small and windowless classroom - Building Book Love
My husband is one of the best teachers I know. I can verify this because I hear, “MR. BIBLE IS MY FAVORITE TEACHER !!!” every time my o...
a tree with different types of owls on it and the words la tazoma de bloom
Bloom’s revised Taxonomy with verbs! | Educents Blog
The 6 Levels Of Bloom's Taxonomy, Explained With Active Verbs - Edudemic
someone is holding up a sign that says you've been pronounced to the doctor
Using Escape Rooms in ELA - Nouvelle ELA Teaching Resources
Using Escape Rooms in ELA is a great way to promote collaboration, critical thinking, and engagement. Students work together on a variety of tasks to find the necessary keys to escape. Learn more about how to develop and set up a successful escape room for your students.
there is a tablet with the words social media in the classroom next to an apple and pencils
Using Social Media in the Classroom! - Teach Create Motivate
Social media is the perfect way to allow your parents to step into your classroom and really feel a part of your everyday activities and special events.
the world times article features an image of two men in front of a map and another man
WW1 Map Activity | HistorySimulation.com
The "World Times" is a set of newspaper articles handed out in the World War One Simulation. The Article on the Assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand is the catalist that starts the simulation. After the newspaper is passed out to all the countries, Serbia and Austria-Hungary are assigned to write public statements to be read to the class the next period (1914). The conditions are set for war! http://www.historysimulation.com/WorldWarI.html #SSchat #HistoryTeacherchat
a newspaper advertisement with the words friends warning from any year back to the world's largest newspaper
Free Obituaries On-Line
So neat! Could be a great resource for a history teacher!
five ways to make your classroom interactive with emoticive words and emoticions
History's Great Mystery (How can I make my classroom more interactive?!) - Be your best teacher!
One of the great mysteries of teaching a class like history, is how to get your students involved and interested in the material. Although the trend is towards “group work” which, in al…
several men standing on ladders writing on a blackboard
seating chart
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts that are flying in the sky
128 Words to Use Instead of Very - Awesome
128 Words to Use Instead of Very - 9GAG
a printable checklist for students to use in the classroom or at home, with instructions
Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding
Do you feel limited when verifying what your students have learned? These 53 fun and easy formative assessment ideas will make sure teachers and students are always on the same page.
an info poster showing the different types of aircrafts
Teacher Burnout
Must Have Teacher Burnout Tips! A must read for all teachers!
the brainteazers worksheet for children to learn how to draw and color
Brain Teaser Rebus Puzzles
Check out our collection of brain teasers, like this rebus puzzle! These printable activities help students develop critical thinking skills.
a book cover with an image of children sitting at a table and writing on paper
5 Easy Alternatives to Lecture - Leah Cleary
So, I don't know about you, but the new school year is in full swing, and things are crazy around here (stacks of papers to grade, keeping...