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Speranta Stefan

Speranta Stefan
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Opal and gorgeous yellow gold

Opals enhance emotional openness and freedom- this ring is a perfect representation of such things.

tinamotta: www.daraartisans.com

Handmade in New York City, the freeform shape of this quartz ring adds to its quirky charm. Shop Peter Hofmeister jewelry on DARA artisans, a unique marketplace for handmade crafts.

Arts and Crafts: 1890 – 1914 arts crafts jewelryThe Arts and Crafts movement coexisted with Art Nouveau, both emphasizing the aesthetic. This era countered commercially mass-produced jewelry by emphasizing fine craftsmanship

The source claims this ring to be of the Arts and Crafts: 1890 – 1914 era. It very easily could be from the late even However, it is a beautiful ring.