Idea for shelves at cabin. Reclaimed wood shelves and branches! I love the birch tree branches! Get me in trouble trying to find birch limbs.

Reclaimed wood transforms a blue barrel (or ugly plastic pot) into a beautiful planter.

Reclaimed wood transforms a blue barrel (or ugly plastic pot) into a beautiful planter- rain water barrel


This is neat craft idea for the garage, mudroom or other entryway. Paint or stain a palette for storing shoes before entering the main house.

Also A Coffee Table

Mesa de Entrada para Criança ou de Alimentação ou year old child table design can be used to feeding, play and learn, children grow up, this table can be a coffee table with, as well as a place to put the book it! Japanese o-jj studio humane design.

playroom pillows

A pillow for each kid with their Initial. - Love these pillows- maybe for the playroom

DIY fabric peonies

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Recipe for paper clay. Ok art peeps let's get moving!

Recipe for paper clay: 1 roll of inexpensive double ply toilet paper 2 tablespoons of mineral oil cup white glue 1 cup of drywall joint compound cup white flour cup salt to prevent mold

Susan Low-Beer

by Susan Low-Beer. [Image of Week: Sept - I really like this because it gives off a kind of isolated, moping feeling in a very silly way. It's simple, and terse in it's message and the figures play out their roles quite well.

dienblad decoreren - Google zoeken

Transplant into the yard after Easter. Done - This was a great idea - have the plants to decorate and make the house smell fantastic for Easter and then get a flower garden too Cj

by Vardiela - Israeli paper mache artist paper

another example of the bases: body one balloon, head another, two legs