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a wall covered in sticky notes and post it notes
X Pro
three people sitting at a table working on their laptops in front of a large screen
How Creative Courage + Asking “What If?” Underpins the Work of London’s NB Studio
Time flies when you're NB Studio. Nick Finney, the co-founder and creative director, is trying to recall how long they've been in their current studio, a
a man sitting on a chair in an office with shelves and desks behind him
Chicago’s VSA Partners on Design With a “Big D” as the Ultimate Business Tool
Chicago's VSA Partners on Design With a "Big D" as the Ultimate Business Tool | | Eye on Design
a woman standing in front of a kitchen counter next to a table with white chairs
Advice and Ideas by Formica Group
RATIO Design
a man writing on a whiteboard while sitting in front of a woman with her feet up
Opening the door on the Typeform Challenge - Typeform blog
Opening the door on the Typeform Challenge - Typeform blog
several people sitting around a table with laptops in front of them and one person writing on the board
An Exclusive Look Inside Smashing Ideas’ Stylish Seattle Office
Smashing Ideas, a digital agency with an expertise in creating highly engaging digital experiences recently moved into a new office in Seattle. Their office space supports their healthy lifestyle and ... Read More
three people sitting on chairs in an office with exposed brick walls and floor to ceiling windows
Take a Look at Ragged Edge’s Super Cool London Office
Ragged Edge, a London-based branding agency that brings brands to life through design, digital and events, recently moved into a new office which was designed by interior design firm Peldon Rose. “With ... Read More
a white table and chairs in front of large windows
Anthem Branding — Surround Architecture
Anthem Branding © Surround Architecture © Daniel O'Connor
a person sitting at a table in front of a whiteboard
Confidential Tech Company's Palo Alto Offices | Office Snapshots
A Tech Company's Palo Alto Offices uses transluscent Whiteboards that let in light - smart.
several men standing around a table with assorted items on it in a garage area
TTX – the tabletop exercise
Tabletop Hurricane Exercise North Carolina, Public, Décor, Poker Table, Tabletop
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Tabletop Hurricane Exercise
two people standing in an office looking out the window
Whiteboards Reinvented | HomeAdore
Whiteboard Wall
two people are writing on a whiteboard in an office with black and white walls
Whiteboards Reinvented | HomeAdore
Whiteboard Office Area
a man writing on a whiteboard in an office with other people sitting at desks
CREATE (Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise)
Home | Global
a white wall that has some writing on it and is next to a glass door
Custom Projects
Frosted vinyl on windows allow for writing on the glass as well as privacy.
three people are swimming in the ocean with their heads above the water's surface
Why Your Friends Shape Your Happiness, Creativity, And Career
Case for the #UX war room: Why Your Friends Shape Your Happiness, Creativity, And Career | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
a woman standing next to a white board covered in sticky notes
WP_20150522_015-188 | by Luigi Mengato
three people standing in front of a large bulletin board with sticky notes all over it
WP_20150522_016-189 | by Luigi Mengato
a group of people sitting around a conference room
What’s the design process at GDS?
Design process at GDS
two men standing in front of a whiteboard with papers on it and people sitting at desks
real pinterest in foursquares HQ, from mari sheibley's blog (foursquares' designer)
a wall covered in paper with pictures on it
Design Inspiration - foursquare
an office with many papers on the wall and desks in front of it,
BBC Internet Blog: A new global visual language for the BBC's digital services
Iterations... and more iterations. Wireframes, design, website process
a man sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor on top of a wooden desk
Office Design Photos | Office Snapshots
The Manor - Inside Bulldog Drummond's San Diego Office
two women are sitting at tables in an office with yellow and black accents on the walls
Contact Support
Wall for All
an image of a website page that has been created to look like it is covered in paper
No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams.
It is important when you walk into any studio that you feel as much as see what is being built — the studio should crackle with creative energy. Specifically, I believe you can determine the health of any design studio simply by looking at its walls. https://medium.com/@rhysys/no-dickheads-a-guide-to-building-happy-healthy-and-creative-teams-7e9b049fc57d
two men are writing on a whiteboard in an office
Private yet open
a group of people standing around each other in front of a glass wall with sticky notes on it
O3 thinking in progress... http://www.o3world.com/
a man writing on a wall with a roll of paper
Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser
George & Willy - studio roller
three computers, one tablet and the other laptop with data displayed on it next to each other
Make Data Everybody’s Business | Klipfolio PowerMetrics
Klipfolio Dashboard | View your business dashboard on any device from a big board TV to a mobile device.