Sanne Schijvenaars

Sanne Schijvenaars

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wraps met zalm, roomkaas en rucola

Three hearts infinity. We could get this with 4 hearts....?

Infinity tattoo with my three kids names. Love!

Wansaying that was: I love you Forever and a Day. To the moon and back. To infinite and Beyond. Always and forever. Even though he isnt here physically, death with never change my love for him. We always used the infinity symbol. So this, maybe put his and my initials in the design. But especially love the idea of the feather as they are just one of the many symbols or angels and loved ones leave for us.

Gezonde snack: in oven gebakken courgette sticks met Panko-Parmezaan jasje en gecaramelliseerde uiendip.