De natuur in met de natuurzuivere King pepermunt

Title: De natuur in met de natuurzuivere King pepermunt. Collection: 150 years of advertising in the Netherlands.

Pickwick thee.

Dutch advertising poster for 'Douwe Egberts Pickwick Thee [Tea]. Fijne Engelse Melange [Fine English Blend]' with artwork of horses & coach at inn and packet of tea, c. Holland/The Netherlands

Ad for Maybelline makeup products, 1943.

1943 Maybelline ad for eye makeup. WWII "look" with pin curled hair, bright shiny red lip, perfectly sculpted brows + defined above upper eyelashes extending out from eye in soft cat-eye.


Beschuitje - Breakfast rusks - staple breakfast in Holland.with butter, and top it with a slice of Gouda cheese or jam.


Vintage Dutch illustration store window poster advertisement for Zwan canned soup balls and tomato puree.

DUTCH: historic advertisement from De Bijenkorf a large department store in Amsterdam