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the font and numbers are arranged in different styles, including one that has been changed from black to white
"Adapt or Die Encoded" Essential T-Shirt for Sale by stoopiditees
"Adapt or Die Encoded" T-shirt by stoopiditees | Redbubble
an image of a man holding the hand of a child in front of an hourglass
Tick, tock...
Times a flowing, like grains on sand....
a man standing next to a horse with thought bubbles above it saying mind full vs mindful
an elephant and some monkeys are talking to each other in front of a sign that says our education system
Learning Disorder or Genius? Parents & teachers get it wrong!
an old man pointing at something with the words good morning in front of his face
an old man giving a thumbs up with the caption most people forget the third person
an old man is talking on his cell phone with the caption that reads, he replaced
an old man talking on the phone in front of a sign that says 7 secrets of success
an old man with white hair and glasses on his face is shown in this quote