Tessel Stadegaart

Tessel Stadegaart

Tessel Stadegaart
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Winged things this way come-Enfield

Enfield - head of a fox, forelegs like an eagle's talons, the chest of a greyhound, the body of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf.

I have been thinking I would like alternate animal types. just gives my world a little more bite -Z Indian Roller Feonix adopt by Tatchit

Indian Roller Feonix adopt by Tatchit on DeviantArt Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Tatchit Feonix based off an Indian Roller, such cool birds.


Oodles of Doodles by Leah Fuhrman, via Behance-- My mom did something like this with the characters from "The Cinnamon Bear", an old radio program. Always inspirational, that mom is!