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RPG: L5R / Samurai

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Purple / black

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Japanese Clothing Kimono Dress Kimono Kimono Cardigan | Etsy
一言不合就改稿,36岁主美浇不灭的战魂 -7.GAME

Orange / black

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Orange / purple

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Black / White / Gold

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Oiran's Kimono

Red / Yellow / Blue

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De paseo
Jigoku Onsen rejet - Yoshitsune

Green / Orange / Brown

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Thanks days 【小物合せのポイント】帯締め、帯揚げ共、白地に朱色の紅葉と乱菊に対抗するくすんだ若草系の色を使っているので全体的にくどさをなくしています。

Green / Red / Pink

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A vintage mid-century red color silk brocade collectable Japanese ceremonial wedding kimono. One of a kind handcrafted fabulous museum quality ceremonial piece in pure silk with intricate detailed hand-embroidery throughout accented with peacock lame threads work that depicts, peacock birds designs in gold, silver, green, red, all of them traditional symbols of prosperity and auspiciousness. Vintage Japanese kimono features gorgeous polychromatic floral embroidery on a red silk ground. Bright re
Kimono : furisode : green and orange ~AmyLH~

Aqua / Orange

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barefoot black_background brown_hair cherry_blossoms fate/grand_order fate_(series) floral_print garasu_no_tori head_out_of_frame highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon japanese_clothes kara_no_kyoukai katana kimono long_sleeves obi ryougi_shiki sash short_hair sword weapon wide_sleeves
Modern, boldly patterned hakama and kimono set–probably for graduation–available to buy at Calamel. The hakama themselves have a subtle shiny design on the fabric. This looks like a set that would be...

Crab Clan

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Crane Clan

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Dragon lady

Dragon Clan

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Orihime by Aliansa couture

Dragonfly Clan

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Fox Clan

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Hare Clan

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Autumn Guard Archer by Anthony Avon : ImaginaryCharacters

Hawk Clan

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Lion Clan

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新撰組血魂録 勿�忘草

Mantis Clan

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Phoenix Clan

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Scorpion Clan

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Beautiful and elegant, this Japanese yukata features simple but unique design with gorgeous lilies.
Reasonably costumed women in fantasy art

Unicorn Clan

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Wasp Clan

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Ronin / Peasants

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コーディネートを楽しむ花嫁、和装 肩の力を抜いた大人のための 洋装1点和装1点ウェディングフォトプランスタート💐     ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 💐前撮りプラン内容💐 . •和装1点洋装1点17万円税別• . ドレス+和装新郎衣装+和装花嫁+着付け+撮影2時間+撮影データ100〜200カット+ロケ撮影+スタジオ撮影+ヘアメイク+アルバム ぜーんぶ込み込み! . #愛媛 #松山 #前撮り #ヘアメイク #和装前撮り
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The Samurai House - The Winter Garden Of The Kakita


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