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an eye is shown on top of a wooden table, with colorful patterns around it
a drawing of a woman's head with blue and red designs on her hair
a woman's face with a hat on her head
a yellow piece of paper with a black henna design on it, held in someone's hand
Atelier of Tisha
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with many circles around her
Mandala art
a drawing of a car made with black and white ink, on top of a piece of paper
Auto mandala
an owl is drawn on top of a notebook with a black marker and some pens
Unleash Your Creativity: 25 Zentangle Animals to Inspire Your Artistic Journey! - Artsydee - Drawing, Painting, Craft & Creativity
a spiral notebook with an abstract design on the front and back cover, sitting on a wooden surface
Hiro | #zentangle #pendrawing #drawing #zendoodle #zenart #penart #lineart #doodle #doodleart #pensketch #concentration… | Instagram
a stack of books with black and white designs on it, in front of a beige background
50+ Unique Zentangle Drawings: Zentangle-Inspired Art Sketchbook Inspo
a hand holding up a spiral notebook with an orange and white design on it
Rokia Love | Day 4- Art worm Challenge 🪱✨️ Zentangle inspired art ✨️ Thank you so much for watching my videos and supporting my channel 🥰… | Instagram
an art journal with blue and white designs on it, sitting on top of a wooden table