Een kleiportret maken.

Terrific step by step visuals / Orig Post: How to model a clay doll head - pictorial sculpting tutorial.

γλυπτά φιγούρες τοίχος Figure Sculpture | Anastasaki Ceramics

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Hier laten ze in stappen zien hoe je een oog  van klei kan maken. Dat was erg handig.

Feature Focus: Sculpting rice know you’ve been making you’re sculpture and I haven’t really seen much of it or if you’ve Ben done the eyes. But I saw this and immediately thought of your sculpture, hopefully it’s helpful if you haven’t done the eye

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Marij Rahder 7

Mushroom characters from a forest world - frilly dress, gnarly faces, large hats, size and shape ~~ Marij Rahder 7 Supernatural Style

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