I dont know how i would exactly do this. But this could be a really cool classroom art project

I like how the artist used lines to design this image. The way the he/she applied color only onto the face of this illustration makes the subject clear and simple.

eerste begin van perspectief tekenen

eerste begin van perspectief tekenen I don't know what that says but I like the one point perspective

tekenen - vierkante bomen

"Little Trees Growing" by Loretta Grayson. These originals are oils. Thinking grade could maybe do this as a paper mosaic and maybe zentangle tree trunk. Love these.

Tekenen en zo: Kijk nou: Delfts blauw!

You need: white paper plates without plastic coating feltpens, fineliners of markers in different colours blue examples from Delfts blue de.

ABC School Art: 4th grade

ABC School Art: grade - would be better if rather than squares, emphasized the block shape of the letters

Tekenen en zo: herfst

Kids Artists: Autumn leaves in cubist style Visit the site for endless art projects

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