Masher Print Painting | Child Central Station - simple process art with kitchen potato mashers!

Masher Print Painting

Very Beautiful | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

DIY Plastic Cup Flower Basket DIY Projects - so cute for Easter place cards, table decor, or giving little treats.

aluminum foil preschool art

Exploring aluminum foil in preschool

Al foil art - explore the Al foil first when smooth and squished up and flattened, then at paint, she suggest to contrast painting on smooth and bumpy foil

visueel kleuren mengen voor en door kinderen

Simple idea for mixing paint colors in preschool

Teaching kids how to make and mix colors: plastic bag with a pumpkin drawn on it, yellow and red paint poured in to mix into orange.

Schilderen met slacentrifuge

Need to find a cheap salad spinner! Spin Art Craft- paint with salad spinner, fine motor, strength, shoulder girdle, bilateral integration

Verf mixen met een deegroller

Exploring color theory through hands on art- Mixing Paint with Rolling Pins- add rubber bands or bubble wrap to the rolling pins for even more fun!

Mooie techniek met scheerschuim..

Mooie techniek met scheerschuim..