Draw design with a white crayon/colored pencil, then paint blue, and lastly after almost dry add/glue colored tissue paper scraps on top!

Painting with ice: This is so easy to do. And clean up is easy too if you put it in a pan.

Ice painting - make colored ice cubes with liquid food coloring and clothes pins for handles. Fun for a hot day! Or just colored ice cubes for their water =)

De peuter moet de juiste bal in het juiste rondje doen. Dit is aangeduid met kleuren. Zo word de psychische ontwikkeling en fysieke ontwikkeling gestimuleerd.

Snowman Ball Sort

Imparare i colori con un gigantesco pupazzo di neve - Snowman Ball Sort: The perfect way to keep toddlers busy in the winter while encouraging color recognition!

* Weer eens iets anders!

Maybe use the small planks of wood and cross like this to make a tree.

Motricité fine et graphisme

This idea is a good beginner 'line stories' activity. Children use cotton buds/paint on top of a lightly drawn line.

Cachey Mama's Classroom: Lacing Mittens Fine Motor Activity

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