100 Frugal Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

The key to a wonderful Christmas isn't a big budget, but to be thoughtful and personal in your gift giving. 100 ideas for frugal gifts.

leuk voor kinderfeestje winter

Make DIY snow globes. This easy and awesome craft is great to do during the winter months! This DIY snow globe is great a small gift for the holidays. All you need is a mason jar, water, water proof super glue, a small figure, and glitter.

sponge print Christmas tree & crayon decorations

Paint with pine branch "brush" then decorate. Would make cute cards too -DD

Roll a number and place that number of pompoms on the tree. First one to fill tree is the winner.

Math Work Stations

Tree Decorating: Roll the dice and add that number of pom poms to your tree. The first tree decorated is the winner, or can be played individually. The tweezers are added for some fine motor challenge. Add Pom Poms to tree

Bom, bom, bom! Het oude jaar is om. Ik hou mijn trommelstokken klaar. En trommel voor jou een prachtig nieuw jaar.

ISSUU - Nieuwjaarsbrieven kleuter by Jan Vanwynsberghe

Free Preschool Christmas Crafts - Bing Images

Kindergarten Cupcake Crumbs: Christmas-Would look really cute on kitchen tile for decoration or even make Christmas T-shirt!

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