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Coconut Water...delicious right?! Is it all hype or is it actually good for you?!

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Yes, It's OK To Eat Before Yoga! 5 Foods To Enjoy

"VS" for me (Kate) equals: the ADULT that deciphers the two and learns from both. We are human with a soul, if we suppress one side, we no longer whole.

First of all let me just tell you that YOU are a masterpiece. You are unique and beautiful and amazing. Second of all keep in mind that making mistakes is all part of the process. Being a work in progress means that there is still room to grow and become the best version of ourselves. Embrace both the masterpiece and the work in progress sides of yourself and enjoy the ups and downs. It can be fun if you make it fun. /// NEW: Sign up to get a weekly email with the best Happsters quotes from…

My code is always: "I going to stop by TJ Maxx" Meaning...I need time to meander alone, don't call, text, or bug me for the next 45 minutes.

We show off our houses and clothes but not whats in our heads