Steve Axford, Orange marasmius

Orange marasmius by Steve Axford. Despite their tiny size, many Marasmius species are tough little mushrooms. In dry conditions they simply shrivel up and wait for the next rain.

Actual mushrooms. Not pottery. Amazing. Evolution got creative that day. Then again, Evolution is always feeling creative when it comes to mushrooms. I think mushrooms are Evolution's fave. (Then again, Evolution also loves undersea worm things. Like any good parent, I guess Evolution doesn't want to choose a favorite child.)

Dishfunctional Designs: Eclectic Bohemian Garden Space, nice to look at but don't eat it. could be your last food.

Mycena sp.

Beautiful yellow stemmed mushrooms, toadtools, fungi with lovely texture!


morels fried in butter with a splash of white vermouth creating a thin sauce poured over a steak of venison

Beautiful stinkhorns- Dictyophora sp.

A variation of the bride's veiled found at Phallus indusiatus - veiled stinkhorn fungus.