Steven Stoffers

Steven Stoffers

Steven Stoffers
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"Long Chuck" The Absurdly Elongated Sculptural Objects of the Dufala Brothers

Clock Clock 24 | - YouTube

Clock Clock A Fascinating Kinetic Timepiece That Combines Digital With Analogue Functionality


Machine Gun Sculptures Built From Deconstructed Typewriters by Artist Ravi Zupa


Square Feet of Pastel Candy-Colored Resin Flood the Floors Inside German Museum Talk about dream home floor goals. Within the Museum Für Neue Kunst in Freiburg, artist Peter Zimmermann has.

Snug Side Tables By Bower –

Contour Side tables: color, sombras y reflejos por Bower


Hyper-Realistic Wool Pillows, Chairs & Floor Cushions That Look Like Oversized Pebbles


"Malaysian artist Jun Hao Ong constructed this bright LED star that appears to shoot through the floors and ceilings of a concrete building at the Hin Bus Depot Art Centre as part of the 2015 Urban Xchange public art festival"