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there is a very large rope in the shape of an oork on display
an idol made out of fruits and vegetables
an oil painting of people in front of a building with a red and yellow flag on top
Sivananda Sena’s and Svarupa Damodara Gosvami’s Disappearance...
Receipt, Person, Personalized Items
an oil painting of a woman in blue and red dress holding her hand up to the sky
Joyce Birkenstock Odissi Dance, 32" x 60"
a woman in an orange and red outfit is dancing
odissi dance poses
a person sitting on the ground in front of a shrine with other people around it
Kala Ksetram
Offerings to lord Jagannatha at Puri 🙏🙏
there is a sand sculpture on the beach that says jaja jagannaha
Happy Rathyara 💕💕
an ornate clock in the middle of a room
Jai Jagannath.
the words are written in two languages on top of a piano
#ନିରବଚ୍ଛିନ୍ନ 🖤🖤
...... 💕💕 Lockscreen
...... 💕💕
Jai Jagannath Krishna Lila, Krishna Pictures, Hare Kṛṣṇa, Krishna Love, Krishna Radha
Jai Jagannath
a woman holding scissors in front of her face with red light coming from behind it
Danseuse of Konark!
an old drawing of a woman wearing a tiara and holding her hands to her chest
Amour, Lumière, Vérité
Amour, Lumière et Conscience
. Indian, India, Indian Beauty, Indians
a woman dressed in red and gold is dancing
My Guruji! Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya www.sanchita.org Skype lessons and workshops
a woman in a red dress holding a hat
India has an amazing array of traditional dances, each with their own interesting cultural backgrounds. People, Indian Women
tribally infused
India has an amazing array of traditional dances, each with their own interesting cultural backgrounds.
a woman standing in front of a wooden wall with a painting on it's face
Gotipua dancer
Odissi dancer Portrait
Odissi dancer
Odissi... Expressive,most elegant and seductive movements.. Tattoo, Pin Up
Surupa Sen
Odissi... Expressive,most elegant and seductive movements..
some decorative items are sitting on a red table cloth with flowers and feathers around it
a large group of people standing around each other
Lord in d sea of devotees.. 🙏
the writing is written in two languages
an elephant statue sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with words happy ganesh chaturthi
Happy ganesh chaturthi.. Sand art by sudarshan pattnaik at puri beach..
some pink hearts are in the air with words written on them and an image of two people
When I ask, to d emptiness of my heart, "who's betrayed you".. It echoes.. "you"...