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three cheetah and two lions sitting in front of christmas lights
Stichting SPOTS
a baby cheetah is sitting on the ground and looking at the camera with an intense look
Cheeta-populatie in Malawi groeit langzaam maar zeker
Cheeta-populatie in Malawi groeit langzaam maar zeker | Stichting SPOTS
a dog running in front of a large herd of horses on a dirt field,
Stichting SPOTS
Honden komen regelmatig in het nieuws als overlevenden worden gezocht bij bijv. natuurrampen of geweld in oorlogsgebieden. Maar honden kunnen meer
a snow leopard laying down in the snow
IUCN wijzigt bedreigingsstatus sneeuwluipaard
IUCN wijzigt bedreigingsstatus sneeuwluipaard | Stichting SPOTS
a cougat sitting in the middle of a forest with its eyes open and looking at the camera
What happens when all the animals are gone? - High Country News
Make sure to read this incredibly interesting article: "What happens when all the animals are gone?" Photo: Jon Nelson
a close up of a leopard's face on a black background
National Geographic
Check out these amazing pictures of the world's most beautiful big cats!
a cat standing on top of a pile of leaves in the forest next to trees
Stichting SPOTS
Great news! Two Thai 'Jungle Cats' (NL: Moeraskat) have been spotted at Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary in Chiang Mai. These rare cats have not been seen roaming wild in Thailand for more than 40 years! Photo: Parinya Padungtin
an illustrated poster with animals and people in the water, surrounded by other wildlifes
Stichting SPOTS
Today is World Wildlife Day! Do one thing today to help protect the World's beautiful wildlife!
a close up of an airplane with a tiger face painted on it's side
Flying to save the rarest big cat in the world
"Airline Rossiya paints unique livery of an endangered Amur leopard on a Boeing 777-300"! Picture: Rossiya Airlines