Mirror in block area.

Spiegel in de bouwhoek - A Reggio Emilia-Inspired Classroom using a mirror in the block play area so children can see themselves while building. This also allows children to easily see their constructions from all angles.

mirror, salt and watercolor - The Learning Center, Palo Alto, CA

Mirror, salt & water-colour at The Learning Center, Palo Alto, CA - shared by Paula Evans-Fitch (",)

'catching' natural light - outdoors (old cd's and other reflective glass objects etc)

"What a great way to explore light and shadow in a confined space. The way the objects have been placed on reflective surfaces as well as glass and the use of CDs with their hollow centre creates an awesome aesthetic sure to provoke anyone's curiosity"

Blocks, color, mirror provocation ≈≈

Blocks, color, mirror provocation ≈≈ Selecting Toys That Promote an Understanding and Love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


replica- Team 1 roll dice, take that many pieces of one colour and make pattern…

Techniekkoffers van juf Evy - spiegels - Lespakket

Techniekkoffers van juf Evy: spiegels

Whiteboard markers on a mirror... from Listen - Joanne Haynes (",)

Whiteboard markers on a mirror. from Listen - Joanne Haynes (",)