Render based on a photo.

Render based on a photo.

ZWAARTAFELEN I Boomstamtafel van Zwaartafelen I I #boomstamtafel #tafel #eiken

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This is the table I would put in my dining room. The white chairs and light brown wood match the style I am going for and gives off a cool color.

Zelliges look grijs 10 x 10 cm online bestellen - TEGELinfo

Mallorca Grey Wall This contemporary Mallorca tile collection offers a tile with high shade variation and a slate/handmade feel in appearance mixed to bring a unique beauty and vintage ambience to any kitchen, bathroom or living space.

Huizentour in de sfeervolle jaren 30 woning van Marion

Huizentour in de sfeervolle jaren 30 woning van Marion

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor kapstok teak plank lambrisering

Nordic dining room with natural materials and industrial lamps. Photo by Mirjam.