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The story of Invader’s invasion of ESA

In 2015 Invader visited several ESA establishments in Europe. Mission: invade these ESA's with his invader mosaics.

Louis Masai – Spreading environmental topics through art

London based artist Louis Masai spreads messages in his art about environmental topics.

Rome – the making of Bordalo II’s stunning artwork

In January 2016 Portuguese artist Bordalo II created another one of his stunning artworks in Rome, as part of the Forgotten Project.

Clet Abraham: the artist behind the traffic sign stickers

Clet Abraham is known for his deformation of traffic signs. Street Art Europe had an interview with him about his ironic traffic signs.

Amsterdam – WK Interact solo show at Kallenbach Gallery

New York based artist WK Interact shows new work at his 'WK/Kallenbach' solo show at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam – Exhibition: Graffiti. New York meets the Dam

New York Meets the Dam - The Amsterdam Museum gathers the best of Amsterdam scene and the Martin Wong Collection for one extraordinary graffiti exhibition

Paris – Street art in Vitry-Sur-Seine

Ever since French stencil artist moved to Vitry-Sur-Seine, it became a neighborhood with a huge amount of street art.

Sulitjelma – UpNorth Festival: a documentary by Henrik Haven

Along with Borondo and several other artists, Deih was also part of this year's lineup for the UpNorth Festival which took place on the streets of Sulitjelma, a small town located in Northern Norway.

Amsterdam – ART17: 3 days of art from Netherlands and Belgium

focuses on street art from Netherlands and Belgium. Line-up includes: The London Police, Steve Locatelli, TelmoMiel and A Squid Called Sebastian.

Stavanger – ICY

The latest Icy and Sot urban art pieces will be exhibited at Reed Projects gallery in Stavanger, Norway, during the show called CUTitALISM.

Visoko – An exhibition by HAD in a forgotten factory

Collective HAD took over a forgotten factory in Visoko (Bosnia & Herzegovina). Their exhibition Walls takes you inside and shows what they have been up to.

Rome – A street art documentary by Dioniso Punk

Rome – A street art documentary by Dioniso Punk