X-mas * Kertsmis 2014

Leuk styling-ideeen voor de feestdagen 2014. X-Mas - Kerstmis
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a wreath hanging on the front door with a lit candle
Kerst met een hoofdletter K: Intratuin Kersttrends 2019
Kerst met een hoofdletter K: Intratuin Kersttrends 2019 #kerstmis #interieur #intratuin #kersttrends #xmas #christmas fotocredits @Louis Lemaire_01
a jar filled with beads next to a tag and twine on a white table
santa tulle wreath on the front door with text overlay that reads, santa tulle wreath
Welke.nl | Elke dag een ontdekking
Leuke kerst krans
three candles are sitting on a table near a vase with red berries and branches in it
Moderne kerstdecoratie - Inspiraties - ShowHome.nl
Moderne kerstdecoratie - wit - rood - hout
two photos side by side one has a desk and the other has a vase with red flowers in it
Stijlvol de feestdagen tegemoet! - Inspiraties - ShowHome.nl
wit - grijs - rood
a white christmas tree sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall with black dots
kerstboom - washi tape - slinger papieren ballen
a christmas tree with presents under it on the floor next to other gifts and toys
DIY - ipv een echte boom maak je er een van washi tape op de muur.
a piece of paper hanging on the wall with words written in black and white above it
DIY - originele kerstkaart
three white vases with branches in them are sitting on a table next to a candle
several black and white trees hanging from hooks on a wall with the door handle open
Tree Talk
Kerstmis - kerstbomen
a wooden star with white lights hanging from it's sides on a wall next to a bed
Kerstmis - ster - lichtjes
a merry christmas banner hanging from the side of a white wall with black letters on it
kerstmis - hertenkop - washi tape
black and white photograph of stars in a glass vase with twig branches hanging from it
X-mas - witte sterren - puur - simpel (sterren (en andere vromen zijn te koop bij www.jotte.nu)
an instagram page with the words winter is the time for home and snowflakes
Dreaming Of A White Christmas
Winter is the time for Home - poster
a card with gold stars and the words december in white, on a white background
Poster - december - sterren - DIY
a christmas tree with white lights on it in front of a black wall and table
15 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas for Tiny Homes
lichtslinger - kerstboom
black and white stars are on the window sill in front of a table with wine glasses
SOFFA Magazine | Interieur design by nicole & fleur
slinger - sterren - zwart/wit
a white table topped with a vase filled with branches
X-mas snapshots part 1
kersttakken - wit
red and white paper stars hanging on a wall
Red Christmas holiday star paper garland
DIY - slinger - sterren
a white box with the words be merry lit up in gold stars on it's side
DIY - waxinelichthouder
the words it's the most wonderful time of the year on a black background
Southern Charm
It's the most wonderful time of the year
a christmas tree made out of yarn balls and other decorations on a white background with streamers
DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree
DIY - honeycomb - kerstboom