This is an image of a literal wall of records. This photo reminds me of my need for Mastery and Autonomy. As a DJ I used to own a massive record collection and used to enjoy collecting records as a means of studying and enjoying the history of music.


Acne JR is a Swedish toy company based in Stockholm. Our ambition is to make traditional, iconic, toys in a modern way. Acne JR is part of the Acne Family company group, founded in which works within design, media and fashion.


The Swedish Museum of Architecture is selling these gorgeous match boxes with illustrations of different architectural styles. When put together the boxes create a small city block. Illustrations by Klas Fahlén.

Victorian Whale Bookends

Here's the Victorian Whales Bookend from Anthropologie. Don't you think one of the books should be Moby Dick?


bobbers--fished with my dad at pine lake as a child :) These would make a cute fishing bead bracelet

stig lindberg

Agyagra krumpli nyomdával, textilfilccel Stig Lindberg, love the feather illustrations

1960s Arabia (Finland) Small 'Bee' Honey Pot by Raija Uosikkinen

Had it for 47 years! 1968 Arabia (Finland) 'Pomona' Bee/Honey Pot by Raija Uosikkinen


Lumimarja, designed by Erja Hirvi in is one of Marimekko's best-selling textiles. Marimekko gives contributors carte blanche on how to present their ideas to the artwork team: Some paint, some draw, some design on computers. Hirvi presented her idea

A vase decorated in the traditional folk pattern of the Polish region of Łowicz

Traditional Easter egg (pisanka) with paper decorations imitating a vase with traditional patterns from Łowicz region, Poland.

Skull with secret compartment

Share Wooden skull with secret compartment. For keeping all your design goodies. By Acne JR.


What a fine-looking duck matchbook! This makes me want to collect matchbooks. Found via FFFFOUND! (looks to be originally from a website called The Matchbook Registry but that site seems to be down).