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several people sitting at desks in a room with chairs and rug on the floor
Juvenile Delinquent Boys of Ishka, Russia
a dining room table with two chairs and a white table cloth on it, in front of a window
a woman standing in front of a red curtain on stage with a microphone behind her
a bedroom with wood paneling and green carpeted flooring is pictured in this image
Vintage Motel Interiors
motel interior
a bedroom with blue walls and a bed in the foreground is an image of a woman's head
Charlap Hyman & Herrero
Charlap Hyman & Herrero
an empty room with large windows and wood paneling on the walls, in front of trees
Shed Progress - We Have Windows! - thewhitebuffalostylingco.com
Shed Progress - We Have Windows! - thewhitebuffalostylingco.com
the curtains are open and there is a white ball on the floor in front of them
Young artist to watch ... Olivia Steele
an empty room with gold wallpaper and a chair in the corner, next to a tv
Project Mausoleum by Nicolas Grospierre. Photo #1/4
Photo #4 by Nicolas Grospierre
an empty auditorium with white chairs and red carpet
Chattanooga Library Auditorium 2
an empty room with wood paneling and curtains on the walls, carpeted floor
Heaven's Interior
an empty room with a ceiling fan and floral bedspread on the floor in front of a window
an empty room with green walls and a white bench in the middle, on carpeted flooring
very unstable
a living room filled with furniture and a tv on top of a wooden table next to a green wall
Karelia 2003-2004 — map de maar
Paanajärvi - Marie (ties)
an empty living room with no furniture and carpeted flooring is seen in this image
Todd Hido
Todd Hido
a phone sitting on top of a desk next to a mirror in a room with white walls
a secret.
a woman standing in a bathroom next to an open shower stall with yellow and white tiles on the floor
a person laying on a couch in front of a window
You, The Living
an empty room with yellow curtains and carpet
Ten Loaves For A Bungalow Conversion By Will Hooper - IGNANT
two men are standing in the doorway of a room with green walls and white trim
A Brighter Summer Day | Edward Yang | 1991 Chen Chang, Chi-tsan Wang