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a set of five business cards in a holder on a white surface with a clock behind them
写真31/54|エンダースキーマ 2015年秋冬コレクション - “起毛ソール”のレザーシューズ、文房具も展開
a wooden box with a spoon in it on a white surface, next to another box
Guest Picks: Wonderful Wood Finds
three wooden boxes with one open and the other closed, on a white table top
Dream Design Project(鏡箱)
a wooden pen holder with two pens and a leather case on a wood table next to it
丹野雅景 木工デザイン製作所/押型箸ケース ウォールナット - スタイルストア
two pieces of wood sitting on top of each other
Living | Mimoto Japanese Design & Homewares
an open wooden box with two small silver objects in it sitting on a white surface
Remodel Home Shop -- Kitchen & Bath Remodel San Jose
several pieces of wood sitting on top of each other
One Push Case by Masakage Tanno
a wooden box sitting on top of a white table
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