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STYLECOOKIE TREND JUNE, 2015 | ARTISANS | We went on a search for authentique materials and used tools that reflect the sense of wabi sabi and craftmanship. We searched not only for used products, but also found new items that have the feeling of a “long life”. For instance the wallpaper of NLXL that you see in this feature. This way the story gets a weathered feeling of materials, crafmanship. You start to wander what’s new and what’s old. But does that actually matter?
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Old handmade mini plate & bowl. Beautiful vintage surface, irregulary shaped and with rough edges. home interior.


I love gray knits -- these textures are so cute! All my cardigans and sweaters are super-basic -- just solid colors with sleeves -- and I Iike the idea of adding texture in.

Basket weaving - I want to try this!

Basket weaver by TommyP ~ my family from Hungary did willow baskets ~ makes my heart sing to see visuals of my heritage


For nearly 25 years now, potter Joan Platt has been fashioning in her studio in Palisades, N., elegant ceramic tableware that honors her reverence for simple forms.