Il Tavolo Mastro / Studio Gumdesign

Mesa rebatible - - Il Tavolo Mastro / Studio Gumdesign Масштабировать Фото This is such a cool idea. Can't manufacture a metal top but could it be adapted to wood top with metal chanel to slide legs into? hmm something to muse

one of the meta-mechanical kinetic sculptures in the 'Méta-Herbin' series, made of painted steel and an electric motor, by Jean Tinguely, 1954

Jean Tinguely was a Swiss painter and sculptor. He is best known for his sculptural machines or kinetic art, in the Dada tradition; known officially as metamechanics.

Mint & copper.

Forest Light by Ontwerpduo

Created by Dutch Ontwerpduo's Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders, Light Forest is a scalable lighting system. Light Forest takes up space with a tangle of

Japanese-influenced daybed featuring built-in privacy screens.

Timber daybed by chmara.rosinke features built-in privacy screens

Bettina Holst - rack from Nick Fraser

It would be fun to make a rack based on the London Underground map! coat rack made from powder coated plumbing pipes & taps by Nick Fraser

Pick up a lamp from Etsy created from reused items or make one from a light kit yourself from a household object

This Green Pulley Light is upcycle lighting design handmade by Former Inhabitants. This design is proof of how elegant a simple upcycle idea can be.

A carding machine

Harris Tweed: 100 years of the Orb

ZPSTUDIO est un studio d’architecture et de design italien à l’origine de cette collection de lampes baptisée Clochette, réalisée avec des méthodes traditionnelles d’artisanat toscan.  Les matériaux utilisés sont le marbre blanc de Carrare et le cuivre tressé, le design reste pur et contemporain avec une touche subtile d’inspiration art déco.

Lampes Clochette par ZPSTUDIO

zpstudio tools works with artisans in italy to design handcrafted collection - designboom

Soft Machinery bij Dutch Design Year. Lees meer

Soft Machinery bij Dutch Design Year. Lees meer