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a glass case with a white object in the middle on a wooden floor next to a black wall
David Spriggs Creates Analog 3D Paintings
an art piece is shown in the middle of a dark room with light streaming through it
Amazing 3D Art Installations by David Spriggs. - Design Is This
an abstract image of lines in the air with one light at the top and two on the bottom
Design Archives
an unusual building that looks like it has been made out of colored paper and is lit up
a house made out of stained glass blocks
Строительство деревянных домов в Москве и Московской области - Компания ДОМострой-мск
A3D.ru - 15 захватывающих примеров применения витража в современной архитектуре
a white bench sitting next to a wall covered in sheered curtaining on top of a cement floor
COS x snarkitecture turn milan's spazio erbe into a cavernous fabric retreat
drawing from the technical lightness and luminescence of the COS spring summer 15' collection, snarkitecture transform the space through the methodical layering of white fabric that hangs from the ceiling to the floor.
four different views of an upside down building
Office Design | Design Pinn
a man standing in front of a large light fixture that is shaped like a diamond
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a person standing in an empty room with blue lights on the walls and wood floors
Gorgeous Iceberg Sculpture Made of Tissue Paper and Staples
gorgeous iceberg sculpture made of tissue paper and staples by gabby o'connor.
a circular object that is lit up in the dark with light coming from it's center
Mirrored Neon Lights Optical Illusion
Mirrored Neon Lights Optical Illusion - My Modern Met
the fence is decorated with colorful paper cups
Hyde & Seek /// When I See You ! Adélaïde, Australie
Hyde and Seek Instalation . When I see you. East st Brompton Adelaide Australia. Looked great from the train