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balloons and confetti are scattered around the book, which sits on a table
an open children's book with the title in english and spanish, featuring a cartoon bunny
the words gymmes met ballonnen 2 - juf sanne are written in white
Gymles met ballonnen 2
Gymles met ballonnen 2 – Juf Sanne
a pink book with pictures of different types of masks
Carnaval: Deel-geheel
two young children are kissing each other in the room with toys on the wall behind them
Peuterklasje » Thema: “Carnaval”
Rode neus schilderen: gaan neuzen neuzen met elkaar.
two children are playing with toys on the floor in front of a yellow wall and green carpet
overal carnaval
Digitaal prentenboek: carnaval - Overal carnaval!
the silhouettes of various cartoon characters are shown in black and white, with different colors
schaduwspel carnaval - Google zoeken
a drawing of a teddy bear wearing a party hat and holding a balloon with numbers on it
a drawing of an apple with a crown on top
...Το Νηπιαγωγείο μ' αρέσει πιο πολύ.
an image of children's clothes in different poses
Logische volgorde
three cartoon clowns with different facial expressions on their faces, each wearing a hat and tie
Bientôt carnaval