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woud ruïne

Maybe over time, and after many rains, a stream was rerouted through the old temple ruins. It would probably be where the Impions would get their drinking water from to. It would be pretty convenient since they live in the ruins.

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A big part of fashion to me is always wearing what you like and not caring what anybody thinks. Many people that are like this stand out and are recognized for it. Fashion is art and no one wants to go into a museum and see the same painting 5 times over

No direction home...

No one wants to end up like this, with all dignity lost. We are doing our society an injustice by not solving the homeless problems. After so many years of oppression, one would think structural functionalism could step in.

Two hobos (hobo came from homeward bound)walking along railroad tracks, after being put off a train during the Great Depression. The picture shows an iconic image of the Great Depression.

the period of the Great Depression between 1930 and 1942 the American hobo ranks swelled. By any estimate easily more than one million men, women and children were riding the rails on any given day in search of work.

Dominik Tarabanski introduces a conscious sensibility to fashion photography.

pylore: “ “Adonis Bosso and Achok Majak photographed by Dominik Tarabanski for The Open Lab Magazine ” ”