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we live in a generation where if you don't flaunt your blessing, they think you lack them
When life gets harder , I go harder .
a quote that says do not judge you don't know what storm i've asked her to walk through god
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Make that human and i agree. We may dislike behavior, never a person though. We all h(e)ave our journey's
the quote god loves you more in a moment than anyone could in a lifetime
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someone holding their hands together with the words i believe in god not because my parents told me, not because the church told me, but because i've experienced his goodness
Amen!! God is good, more than I deserve. But by faith, I accept His perfect gift!!
a man kneeling down in front of a cloudy sky with the words god, i can't say it in words can you please just listen to listen through my heart?
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God, I Cant Say It In Words, Can You Please Just Listen Through My Heart
an instagramt with the words give god your salvation and hell give you his strength
35 Powerful Inspirational Quotes.
35 Powerful Inspirational Quotes.
a poem that reads pray so big and so often that when god meets you at heaven's gate, he says with a smile, kid, you kept me
Baby, He will say this to me. Lol! I know He'll be happy to be have me pray for something other than you and the children. I love you! ❤️ILYMTMOL
a piece of paper with the words i am not ashaed to say how desperately i need jesus in my life
I really need him,he's the healer of all pains
the words god protect me from anything that was sent by you on a black background
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a quote that says, my relationship with god is my number one focus i know that if
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This took a while for me to realize. But, he has brought me to this Revelation. It's hard to do but it's Soo worth it!